1. Wash hair thoroughly with a shampoo that does not leave residue.[We recommend VO5 shampoo & Conditioner]

2. Apply conditioner and rinse thoroughly then towel dry extensions

3. Fully saturate your extensions with our ERENA Moisturizing lotion. [ Wave & Natural collection only]

4. Brush extensions with paddle brush to lock in curls

5. Allow extensions to air dry or place under dryer. 

6. For daily maintenance we recommend mixing ERENA Moisturizing Lotion with water in a spray bottle then apply to hair as needed. This will keep your extensions tangle free, vibrant and curls locked. [ Wave. & Natural Collection only ]

7. [ Straight Collection only ] Straighten hair with hot Iron, free of any products.


  • For any of our straight hair please skip steps 3 & 6. Our hair is 100% human hair (no silicon coating) our hair works best with little to none product. For our straight textures we recommend a simple oil sheen after hair is styled.
  • Certain products when applied to hair can cause tangling. If tangling occurs these are the steps we recommend you take to restore the hair.
  • Any hair that has been dyed has a slight chance of color running .( i.e.. #1 Black, #1B Off Black) We recommend that you wash hair with warm water to remove excess dye before applying following step 1-6. 
  • ERENA will not be held responsible for any damages caused by dye.