Come feel the holiday spirit at E.R.E.N.A.

Located in the heart of Brooklyn, ERENA SALON is the ultimate experience with a Caribbean island flare. As our guest you have total access to a beautiful stress- relieving Environment. Our top stylists will have you leaving feeling confident, beautiful, and anew.

We offer a full range of  hair salon services for treated and natural hair, including shampoo, coloring, styling and hair extensions for twists, braid and full weaves and custom wig application.
Prices are determined by your stylist, during the consultation and may vary for a variety of reasons: the experience level of your stylist, the length and thickness of your hair and time required to complete your service. However typical pricing might be:

Wash and set  $55+
Hair cuts  $30+
Deep treatment  $25+
Color  $80+
Natural styles   $55+
Relaxer  $60+
Blow drying  $45+
Updos  $75+
Braiding  $100+
Locs  $100+
Crotchet braids  $180+
Twists  $65+
Weave extensions  TBD+
Customized wig application  $80+

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