Who We Are


E.R.E.N.A. is the brainchild of renowned hair expert Phillip Baker, He started his illustrious career in the beauty industry by honing his special skills and talents. He started designing wigs, weaves and extensions for many of his local clients. Through the years, he studied top industry professionals from around the globe, listening to the needs of women everywhere. Hence, Bakers goal was to bring beauty and quality, all at a reasonable price.

A true visionary and after years of experimenting, he finally perfected his products, that showcased the many attributes that embodied the spirit and philosophy of the company. E.R.E.N.A. stakes its years of experience and reputation on Elegance, Reliability, Efficiency, Natural, Appeal and that has given us our name. 


For the past 18 years, founder, president, and CEO Mr. V. Philip Baker has transitioned into NYCs premier hair blending and enhancement guru. His full service salon and hair center, E.R.E.N.A., sells raw human hair internationally, and partnered with the most prominent hair companies in India and China.  Erena is not the middleman. Erena is a hair manufacturing company located right in one of the busiest cities in the world, New York. We have been in the human hair industry for over 17 years. With Erenas reputation and longevity we are like no other. Many other companies freely sell undisclosed labeled products, easily reached and sold to anyone.

At Erena we own and operate our own factory in New York City and guarantee total control of the process from start to finish. Once we search overseas for the finest quality of raw double drawn hair and 100% virgin hair , we ship it to our manufacturing department in New York where it is thoroughly inspected and cleaned. Furthermore, our then goes through our unique patented technique to produce the finest hair on the market today. We guarantee no shedding, fullness, natural movement and remarkable re-usability.